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Christmas Offer

Valid till 31 December 2020

Offer ends in:

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  • hair-treatment-Belfast-christmas-offer

Gift Card - 100 GBP value

GBP 75.00 100.00

You can use this GBP 100 worth gift card for any of my services -
Hair Keratin Treatment, Hair Botox, Nanoplastia or Hair Reconstruction Treatment.

You can look at my work HERE. Feel free to WhatsApp me anytime if you have any questions.


- Gift card will be sent to your email within next 48 hours;

- Gift card is not refundable;

- Hair treatment can be done in my place in Carrickfergus, or I can do it in your place (+10 GBP within Carrick / +20 GBP if Belfast);

- It is valid until 1st April 2021, please use it by the expiry date, if you haven't - it is non refundable;

- 1 gift card is for 1 time use only;

- If your treatment costs less than the value of the card, I don't refund the difference;

Total, GBP:


Belfast / Carrickfergus
Northern Ireland, UK

(+44) 7831 717 876


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